There is plenty of accommodation at Harvard Park. Room rentals are available daily, weekly and monthly and range from $300-350 per month.  

Harvard Park is a "turn-key" facility with all buildings fully furnished. The residential buildings have fully furnished bedrooms with blankets and linen. Each building has washers and dryers, and a full collection of cleaning supplies and tools. The common rooms are equipped with kitchens, sofas and TV's for lounging. These are residences much like dorm style living at university campuses. 


Residential Buildings 3, 4 & 8

These  buildings can accommodate up to 120 people each with 58 separate rooms (approx 220 square feet each with either 2 single beds or 1 double bed), 4 suites, 6 shared washrooms, a lounge with a kitchen and dining area and 3 laundry rooms. Residential Buildings 3 & 4 are fully furnished with housekeeping services.  


Residential Buildings 10, 11 & 12

These 3 story buildings are fully furnished with 51 separate rooms (330 square feet each), 3 laundry rooms, and 6 shared washrooms. Interior walls are non-bearing and all rooms can be reconfigured to conform to other uses and size requirements as necessary.